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Tools and bots to learn from books, prepare for exams, revise concepts and generate notes on any topic.


Curriculum Centric

Built on top of official curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. Just select your class and subject and start learning in seconds.


Extremely Personalized

Our early users are loving ZuAI. They're using it to quiz themselves, create notes, understand explanations in various languages, and even study complex topics.


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Built on top of the official curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. Just select your class and subject to start learning in seconds.


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Tailored Learning

ZuAI offers personalised learning, boosting, confidence, and self-reliance for Indian students.

Multilingual Support

ZuAI breaks language barriers in education, supporting multiple languages for inclusive learning.

Multilingual Support

Learn with Fun

ZuAI inspires creative activities and games like continent trivia, writing and debating competition, fostering innovative thinking.

Wide Subject Coverage

ZuAI covers the Indian curriculum comprehensively, serving as a self-study tool for students.

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We are building ZuAI to help every learner have access to same level of intelligent resources to ace and learn any concept. We believe that AI can fundamentally revolutionise learning by providing an affordable & personalised assistant who is available 24x7.